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Smog in Bishkek: Current HPP emissions to be compared with previous rates

Emissions from the Heating and Power Plant in Bishkek will be compared with those of 2015. Head of the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry of Kyrgyzstan Dinara Kutmanova told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, she instructed to calculate emissions from the HPP and compare them with the rates before its reconstruction. «To know the trend, to be aware what increase we have got. Previously, Kazakh coal was burned there, and the share of local Kara-Keche coal increased after reconstruction. It has lower quality, so there are more pollutants. It is necessary to check the operation of dust and gas treatment plants and see if it is technologically feasible to reduce the emissions,» Dinara Kutmanova said.

«We should not to argue who is more to blame for the formation of smog over Bishkek, but should know what to reduce and how much. At the same time, there is no environmental standard in Bishkek for the maximum permissible emission of pollutants,» the head of the state agency added.

The city residents have repeatedly linked deterioration of the ecological situation with the reconstruction of the Bishkek HPP.

Yesterday, the Mayor of the capital Balbak Tulobaev said that the HPP urgently needs to be switched to gas, and newly built quarters should be prohibited from heating houses with coal from Kara-Keche. «I don’t see any other way, but now I can’t stop smog,» he said.

Bishkek takes the 1st place in the World Air Quality ranking of the largest cities in the world.