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Talant Mamytov: Kyrgyzstan fulfills its obligations within CSTO

«Despite all the difficulties, Kyrgyzstan honorably fulfills its obligations within the framework of the CSTO,» acting President of Kyrgyzstan, Talant Mamytov, said at a session of the CSTO Collective Security Council.

The acting head of state stressed that today’s session is held at a difficult time — coronavirus pandemic has had an extremely adverse effect on the entire system of the world order, including the global economy and trade. He added that hence all the negative consequences of a social and humanitarian nature, primarily for developing countries, to which the Kyrgyz Republic belongs.

Talant Mamytov also said that presidential elections would be held on January 10, 2021, and assured that the authorities would make every effort to hold fair and competitive elections. He noted the principled position of the heads of the CSTO member states during the events on October 5-6, 2020 in the republic and expressed deep gratitude for the understanding of the situation and support in a difficult time for the Kyrgyz Republic.

Acting President said that it should be openly recognized — the world changes, contradictions in the world economy have aggravated the already complex social problems of mankind. «The world today needs new approaches and principles of action. All these factors of world development, more than ever, require concerted and collective action from the CSTO member states. Today, the CSTO has real capabilities to solve problems of ensuring regional and global security. In general, I believe that the chairmanship and, most importantly, the actions of the Russian Federation this year have largely strengthened the CSTO and predetermined further ways of its development,» he stressed.

Talant Mamytov thanked the Presidents of Russia Vladimir Putin and Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, as well as other partners for their regular support to Kyrgyzstan in the fight against the consequences of the spread of coronavirus infection. «The results of our joint work show that only together we can overcome this difficult test. It has always been this way and it will be so in the future,» he concluded.