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Swimmers from Kyrgyzstan win four medals at tournament in Tashkent

Swimmers from Kyrgyzstan won three gold medals and one silver medal at the Uzbekistan Cup. The Swimming Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

These competitions are qualifying for the Olympic Games 2021 in Tokyo.

Kyrgyzstan is represented by six athletes: Denis Petrashov, Elizaveta Rogozhnikova, Ramazan Omarov, Tengiz Tyubeev, Aidar Sataev and Arlen Asylbekov.

Athletes from the Kyrgyz Republic, the Czech Republic and Uzbekistan competed at several distances yesterday.

Denis Petrashov won gold medals at two breaststroke distances: 50 and 100 meters. Liza Rogozhnikova was the best in backstroke at 200 meters, and took the second place at 100 meters.

Aidar Sataev took the 8th place in 100 meters breaststroke swimming, and Omarov Ramazan took the 5th place in 400 meters freestyle swimming.