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Acting President of Kyrgyzstan meets with Secretary of Security Council

Measures to develop cross-border cooperation and ensure public safety during the pre-election period were discussed at the meeting by the acting President, Speaker of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Talant Mamytov, Secretary of the Security Council Ryskeldi Musaev and the Deputy Prime Minister Maksat Mamytkanov. Press service of the head of state reported.

Secretary of the Security Council Ryskeldi Musaev reported on the work carried out in the border regions of the republic and measures on the State Border Service’s joining the State Committee for National Security. He added that during the pre-election period, law enforcement agencies were given appropriate instructions to ensure public safety.

The Vice Prime Minister Maksat Mamytkanov presented information on the current work of the Republican Headquarters on organizing early presidential elections. According to him, a number of field meetings were held in the regions of the country, as a result of which the local authorities and the involved state bodies were instructed to ensure transparency of the electoral process, to prevent possible violations of law.

Talant Mamytov drew attention to the need for timely implementation of all planned measures within the framework of organizing early presidential elections, taking measures to prevent possible attempts to destabilize the socio-political situation during the electoral process.

Talant Mamytov added that state bodies must ensure its openness, transparency, and promptly respond to violations of electoral legislation.

During the working meeting, issues were also raised regarding the protection of entrepreneurs and foreign investors, as well as large business facilities that provide citizens with jobs.

The importance of ensuring protection, enhancing interaction with the business community and investors, ensuring their safety from illegal actions by law enforcement and supervisory authorities, prevention of pressure on them by destructive elements was stressed.