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Ombudsman asks Venice Commission to review new Constitution

Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan Tokon Mamytov appealed to the Venice Commission with a request to conduct an international examination of the draft of the new version of the Constitution, posted on the official website of the Parliament.

He notes that, according to the developers, the proposed draft Constitution was developed due to the fact that the well-known events that took place in Kyrgyzstan at the beginning of October 2020 led to invalidation of the results of the parliamentary elections and to replacement of almost the entire leadership of the country, stepping up fight against corruption in the republic.

«The need for a constitutional reform is due to many factors, including inconsistencies and gaps in the provisions of the current Constitution, inefficiency of the existing system of government and the lack of accountability mechanisms. These circumstances do not provide real progress in the economic and social spheres, which causes justified criticism from society and citizens. Therefore, it is proposed to adopt the Law on the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic and amend the Constitution in accordance with its provisions. But this project has already caused a wide public outcry. At present politicians, public figures, civil society and the population of the republic express different attitudes both to the proposed draft itself and to the need for constitutional reform, adherence to procedures in its development and adoption,» Tokon Mamytov explains.

Ombudsman reminds that a constitutional convention was created on November 20, which is already carrying out work, including on receiving proposals from citizens on the draft Constitution. He asks the experts of the Venice Commission to assist in the international examination of the version and its compliance with human rights and human dimension standards.

The revision of the Constitution was originally initiated by Sadyr Japarov. He spoke about this many times. However, the attempt to rewrite the Basic Law was shifted to the deputies of Parliament of the sixth convocation, who, in fact, became illegitimate after October 28, 2020 — their term of office has expired.