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Sadyr Japarov supports preservation of status of Russian language in Kyrgyzstan

Sadyr Japarov opposed deprivation of Russian of the status of the official language in Kyrgyzstan. He announced this on his page on social media.

He notes that it is impossible to do without the Russian language in relations and ties with the Eurasian states.

«Yesterday one of the members of the constitutional convention proposed to remove the official status of the Russian language. This proposal is completely wrong. Russian is one of the six languages ​​used at the UN. In addition, it is a language that unites peoples and which we have been using for centuries. Therefore, the Russian language must necessarily remain the official language in our country,» says Sadyr Japarov.

Yesterday, a member of the constitutional convention, Sadirdin Toraliev, proposed to deprive the Russian language of its official status. According to him, the youth stopped speaking Kyrgyz. This caused widespread public debate.

Russian remains the official language in Kyrgyzstan. Nurlan Sheripov, head of the section «Rights, freedoms and duties of person and citizen» of the constitutional convention, announced at an online briefing.