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Stepfather beats six-year-old stepson in Sokuluk district

Stepfather beat his six-year-old stepson in Sokuluk district of Kyrgyzstan. Facebook user Indira Alymbaeva reported.

According to her, a friend of her was in the yard in the evening and heard the screams of her son. «She ran home, I saw her drunk husband sitting on his son and beating him. She pushed her husband away, took her son and they ran away. They called the police, waited five hours, but they did not come. In the morning, they went to the children’s hospital, where the doctors called the police during examination. Everything was recorded. The woman has a threat of miscarriage (she is nine months pregnant), she was admitted to the hospital, and the boy is also in the hospital. He has numerous hematomas, concussion, one eye with hemorrhage,» the message says.

The head of Child Rights Defenders’ League, Nazgul Turdubekova, told 24.kg news agency about creation of a coordination group. «Together with the Center for Assistance to Families and Children for Sokuluk district, we are mobilizing all authorized bodies to protect the child from violence. The head of the local department of social development, the deputy mayor was also informed about this case. Both mother and child will receive psychological and legal assistance. This case reached the public only because Indira Alymbaeva did not remain silent. Many such cases remain unsolved,» she said.