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Coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan: Group of Russian doctors to arrive in country

A group of employees of the National Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery from Russia is heading for Kyrgyzstan. Together with Rospotrebnadzor experts, they will participate in the fight against coronavirus. Press service of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation reported.

The group of doctors, headed by the acting director of the center, Elena Golukhova, were sent to the Kyrgyz Republic under the instruction of the Russian government.

As the Ministry of Health of Russia noted, specialists are heading to provide organizational and methodological assistance to local colleagues, as well as advising on the most severe patients.

The Alexander Bakulev National Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery is the largest medical complex in Moscow, which carries out medical, scientific, pedagogical and organizational activities as the country’s leading institution in the field of cardiovascular surgery. The center includes the Institute of Cardiac Surgery named after Vladimir Burakovsky and the Institute of Coronary and Vascular Surgery.

Since the spread of coronavirus, Russia has already provided assistance to Kyrgyzstan. In particular, it has donated testing kits for laboratory diagnosis of coronavirus.