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Highest number of infected in Chui region registered in Alamedin district

Growth in coronavirus cases is registered in Alamedin and Sokuluk districts of Chui region of Kyrgyzstan. The head of the Office of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Government in the region, Gulnura Mambetisaeva, told at a briefing.

According to her, citizens get infected in public transport, in markets and at large retail outlets — in crowded places.

«The growth in the number of sick residents of Alamedin and Sokuluk districts is explained by the fact that many residents of Chui region work at state municipal bodies and private organizations in Bishkek, in capital’s retail outlets and markets, are engaged in private taxi service, but live in the territory of the region,» Gulnura Mambetisaeva notes.

At least 12 healthcare organizations of Chui region admit and treat people infected with coronavirus infection and community-acquired pneumonia.

«At least 109 beds have been prepared for treatment of coronavirus in four hospitals in the region, where 83 patients are currently hospitalized. Tented hospital points were deployed for emergency and operational reception of citizens at each hospital, where each sick person can receive first aid. With an outbreak of community-acquired pneumonia, 498 beds were organized in eight healthcare organizations for admission and treatment of such patients. At least 462 people have been hospitalized as of July 3,» she said.

At least 6,767 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in Kyrgyzstan as of today, 2,655 people have recovered.