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Suspects of Keremet Bank robbery arrested in Bishkek

Police detained Keremet Bank robbers. Press service of the Central Internal Affairs Department of Bishkek reported.

Two men, 45 and 37 were arrested. They were taken to the Investigation Service and placed in a temporary detention center.

A white Toyota Land Cruiser 200 car, on which one of the suspects was moving, was put on a guarded parking lot.

Material evidence was found and confiscated from the detainees: Makarov’s combat pistol and PM traumatic pistol, both with erased numbers and cartridges. In addition, a black sports leather bag, caps, T-shirts and sweaters that were on the robbers on the day of the crime were confiscated. The detainees also had a claw hammer, clamps and other material evidence.

On June 13, two men broke into the branch of Keremet Bank. Threatening with weapons, one of the criminals pushed the cashier out of the room, opened the safe box and took the money — 1,120,000 soms. The department noted that in September the suspects committed another robbery at Prestige exchange office and took 70,000 soms from there.