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Four ambulance drivers contract coronavirus in Bishkek

Four drivers of the Emergency Medicine Center got infected with coronavirus in Bishkek. Director of the center Iskender Shayakhmetov told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the first infected driver was revealed at the end of May at one of the substations.

«Epidemiological investigation found out that he had no contact with patients and those infected. The source of infection is unknown. But we were forced to send all the doctors and paramedics who were in contact with the driver to home quarantine. They all were tested, and results were negative. In total, four drivers were infected. The last case was revealed on Sunday. The man was hospitalized to the Institute of Cardiology for treatment of the underlying disease, and his PCR analysis for COVID-19 turned out to be positive. The doctor who contacted him was sent to home quarantine, although his test result was negative,» he said.

This is a consequence of the frivolous attitude of our drivers to the situation: they do not wear masks, although they are provided with them in sufficient quantities.

Iskender Shayakhmetov

Iskender Shayakhmetov noted that the source of coronavirus infection is unknown in all four cases. «Epidemiologists are working, but they cannot say anything. But over the entire period, not a single ambulance doctor became infected with coronavirus,» he stressed.

At least 2,562 cases of COVID-19 infection were registered in the republic as of June 17, and 1,901 people have recovered.