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Distance learning causes sense of anxiety in many students in Kyrgyzstan

Almost half of the students, who took part in a survey by the Institute for Youth Development on access of school students and quality of education during the quarantine period, noted that they felt anxiety about the new format of education. Representative of the organization Azhar Kasmalieva told at online briefing.

«We included this question, because there were several suicides among students during quarantine. At least 47 percent said they were worried because they were not used to such a learning system, and lacked direct contact with the teacher. Graduates were worried about exams and the Nationwide Testing, how their knowledge would be assessed,» she said.

At the same time, many students noted a number of advantages of distance learning. In particular, they indicated that they began to receive more information from various Internet resources, which increased interest in new knowledge, and the level of their independence.

«The students noted that learning at home is a more comfortable environment, there is no need to get up early, and they mentioned more flexible schedule. In addition, in their opinion, distance learning encouraged both children, their parents and teachers to master the technology and reach a «new level of development.» Only 15.7 percent of the students surveyed did not see any benefits of the distance learning,» Azhar Kasmalieva said.

Parents, as an advantage, indicated that they began to pay more attention to the educational activities of their children, see their progress and performance rating, together with the child they look for information on the Internet, children began to read more.