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Yekaterinburg – Osh flight scheduled for May 30

Ural Airlines plans to operate a flight to Osh city from Yekaterinburg (Russia) on May 30. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan reported.

Citizens with serious diseases, people with disabilities, elderly people, pregnant women and women with small children who are in dire need of returning to their homeland will be evacuated from Yekaterinburg.

The list of departing citizens is compiled taking into account citizens’ appeals, as well as proposals from the heads of Kyrgyz diaspora organizations from the regions and cities of the Ural Federal District and presence of previously purchased Ural Airlines tickets. Tickets will be sold on the eve of the flight at specially designated ticket offices according to an agreed list.

There are more than 600 citizens of Kyrgyzstan in Ural Federal District of Russia, who would like to return home.