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Bishkek residents are asked not to go out from 22.00 to 3.00

Disinfection is carried out at night from 22.00 to 03.00 in Bishkek, therefore, residents and guests of the capital are asked not to go outside unless it is absolutely necessary. The Vice Mayor of Bishkek Tatyana Kuznetsova told today at a briefing.

She recalled that restrictive measures (quarantine) were introduced in the capital on May 11, 2020 and a list of permitted economic activities during the quarantine was approved.

«In order to timely organize measures for prevention of infectious diseases, bringing under control and elimination of the epidemic, a civil protection commission has been established at the Bishkek City Hall, the city emergency anti-epidemic and anti-epizootic commission continues its work,» Tatyana Kuznetsova added.

According to her, the control over observance of quarantine rules is assigned to the district administrations, the Center of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, the Main Internal Affairs Department. «They, in their turn, carry out outreach and raid activities to ensure compliance with sanitary and epidemiological rules by organizations,» the Vice Mayor said.

Holding of sports, entertainment and other public events was temporarily suspended on the territory of the city.

 «In order to ensure the quarantine regime and prevent the spread of coronavirus in the capital, it was decided that the population will move around the city on a permit basis,» Tatyana Kuznetsova added.

She recalled that 16 sanitary control points have been set up at the entrances to the city. One has to present a certificate from the place of work, certified and agreed upon in the established manner, to enter the city.

«The Office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as well as city services — the Sanitary and Environmental Inspection, Bishkekzelenkhoz, Tazalyk, Bishkekvodokanal continue disinfection of roads, sidewalks, observation areas, equipment, buildings, structures in accordance with the approved plans. Disinfection is carried out at night from 22.00 to 03.00, so we ask the residents and guests of the capital not to go outside at this time unless it is absolutely necessary,» the Vice Mayor said.