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Germany to allocate Kyrgyzstan €500,000 for 2020-2021 elections

The government of Germany will provide Kyrgyzstan with €500,000 as part of a project to improve the democratic electoral process in 2020-2021. UNDP reports.

According to the organization, the funds will be provided within the framework of the Kyrgyz Republic Election Support Program, which is being implemented by UNDP. The German assistance is a supplement to recently signed agreements with the governments of Japan and Switzerland.

The support from Germany will help voters abroad register through mobile groups that will inform migrants of their voting rights and register them for voting.

«Another important element will be support of the openness of information on campaign financing — the most important mechanism of public reporting — by developing an electronic platform and reaching young people to prevent corruption and bribing of voters, promoting the secrecy of voting as the basis of honesty and integrity,» the organization noted.