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Kyrgyzstanis arrived from Sol-Iletsk placed under observation

Citizens of Kyrgyzstan who arrived from Sol-Iletsk (Orenburg Oblast of the Russian Federation) were placed under observation at a former US air base. Wife of the driver Alexander Burkhovetsky, Maria, told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, about 500 people have arrived. Two people were placed per room. There are no complaints about the conditions. They all were tested. «They will be under observation for three days. If coronavirus is not detected in anyone, they should be allowed to go home for 14-day quarantine,» Maria Burkhovetskaya said.

Earlier, the Embassy of Russia in Kyrgyzstan reported that 70 Kyrgyzstanis stay in Sol-Iletsk. They didn’t want to leave their cars.

The Republican Emergency Response Center for combatting coronavirus reported that 541 Kyrgyzstanis were returned from Sol-Iletsk today.

The authorities of Kazakhstan provided a transit corridor for special passenger transport, moving in a single column, accompanied by traffic police. «This allowed to take a large number of citizens to Kyrgyzstan in a safe for health environment, including women and children,» the message says.