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Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Russia receives 4 million soms

Headquarters under the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Russia received 4 million soms on April 25. Press service of the diplomatic mission reported.

In total, the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan decided to allocate 10 million soms to the Embassy. This money should be used to provide financial and material assistance to the Kyrgyzstanis who stay in the Russian Federation and cannot return home.

«In accordance with the procedure established by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, assistance in form of cash is not provided. Distribution of the finances will be considered by a special commission at the Embassy with participation of leaders and activists of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Moscow, taking into account applications from a certain category of citizens. The allocated 4 million soms will be used to pay rent in hostels and provide essential food for the category of people who urgently need help: infected with COVID-19, seriously ill, large families, single mothers, pregnant women,» the Embassy stressed.

All necessary advice in connection with the current situation can be obtained via Embassy’s call center at the following contact numbers:

+7 499 237 4301;


+7 9253874127 — mobile (WhatsApp);

+79253874597 — mobile (WhatsApp).

The Embassy called on citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic to comply with the sanitary-medical rules and procedures established in Russia, take control of their health, take care of themselves and their families.