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Coronavirus incidence stabilizes in Kyrgyzstan

Incidence of coronavirus has stabilized in Kyrgyzstan. The Deputy Minister of Health Nurbolot Usenbaev told today at a briefing.

«If you look at the epidemiological parameters, we did not have high growth. We can say said that it has stabilized. According to our analysis, the peak should have been this week. Our analysis continues. We have to correctly assess the epidemiological situation,» he said.

According to Nurbolot Usenbaev, there is reason to suppose a decrease in the incidence.

«I am far from the opinion that the incidence will increase. But we are all carefully studying, stepping up measures. We have checked all the contacts, took the tests. From 25 to 40 infected have been registered in the last weeks,» he said.

Up to date, there are 656 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kyrgyzstan.