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Kyrgyzstanis stuck in Novosibirsk continue hunger strike in protest

Citizens of Kyrgyzstan who got stuck in Novosibirsk city continue a dry hunger strike in protest.

As Irina Stepkicheva told 24.kg news agency, they contacted MP Zhanar Akayev. He stated that the issue of organizing a flight on April 21 was being decided.

«The Consulate General in Novosibirsk confirmed: there is a hope that we will be able to leave, but no one gives a guarantee. It seems that they just forgot about us, as if we do not exist. And we have a very difficult situation. One of the passengers Salamat Kasymbekova, whose husband died in intensive care unit on Friday, is under medical supervision, doctors give her sleeping pills. There is a young girl with the threat of miscarriage. I have problems with my joints. I flew to Novosibirsk for an operation, and the doctor, when he examined my knee, said that the forecasts were very disappointing. There is an 80 years old woman among us, small children. When will this mockery end?» Irina Stepkicheva asks.

She added that there is still no answer to her appeal from the Presidential Administration of Kyrgyzstan.

According to the government of Kyrgyzstan, one flight from Novosibirsk will cost $ 30,000.

Recall, thousands of Kyrgyzstanis are stuck at their places of residence and cannot return home, because many countries have suspended air traffic due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus.