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One more patient recovers from coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan

As of today, 10 people have recovered from coronavirus and have been discharged from hospitals (1 person for a day) in Kyrgyzstan. The Ministry of Health reported.

In addition, other 23 people are being prepared for discharge from hospitals. They tested positive for coronavirus, but their symptoms are different. Some of them have only fever, the others have absolutely no signs of illness.

«If PCR test confirms coronavirus, we place the person in hospital and observe his or her condition for 14 days. This is done including those who do not have any signs of coronavirus. By the end of this period, the PCR test is taken again. If it shows a negative result, we discharge the person from hospital. But we observe them at home for 14 days,» the ministry told.

As of today, there are 216 confirmed coronavirus cases in Kyrgyzstan, 9 of them are medical workers. Four people have died.