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Kyrgyzstan gets on Google website tracking movement of quarantined people

Google has launched a website that publishes reports on the location of users of its services around the world during the coronavirus pandemic without specifying geolocation of specific people.

According to the company’s statement, on COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports portal, users will be able to track the attendance of shopping and entertainment complexes, supermarkets and pharmacies, parks and other public places after introduction of a self-isolation regime in most countries due to the spread of coronavirus.

The company added: in order to protect personal data of clients, Google will publish only general information about visits to these facilities. Reports will include information collected over several weeks.

Statistics will be collected in 131 countries, including Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Russia has not get on the portal yet. But the company assures that the list of countries will be replenished. Google is confident that the website will help state authorities estimate compliance with quarantine measures.