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Control over ban on holding mass events to be tightened in Kyrgyzstan

Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev ordered to tighten control over suspension of work of catering outlets. The Information Support Department of the Cabinet of Ministers reported.

The head of government strictly ordered all bodies of local self-government and internal affairs to tighten control over the ban on cultural, sports, scientific, family, commemorative and other events.

«Unfortunately, information about work of catering outlets comes from different parts of the country. People neglect recommendations of the authorities. There are those who are not fully aware of the scale of the threat. Once again, I want to urge citizens to avoid crowded places, to take care of loved ones and relatives, especially older people. We must understand that we are approaching a new stage when it is possible to turn the tide in the fight against coronavirus only by combining the efforts of all of us,» Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev said.

According to the Prime Minister, everyone should strictly comply with the decisions of the Government and the Republican Emergency Response Center, and tough measures should be taken for non-compliance.

«We saw how other countries fought against this misfortune and at what cost they achieved success. We have seen what consequences irresponsibility of the people can lead to. Everyone needs to understand that the consequences can be complex. I repeat, people should not leave their homes without need, social contacts should be avoided. Everyone should take special care of the loved ones suffering from chronic diseases, and try to isolate them. We were ready for penetration of the virus, but today we should be ready for complex scenarios, when responsibility and discipline are extremely important. Under these conditions, failure to comply with the decisions of the republican center will imply responsibility to the fullest extent of the law,» Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev said.