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Death rate among HIV-positive children decreases in Kyrgyzstan

Death rate among children with HIV has decreased in Kyrgyzstan. Chief Physician of the Osh Regional Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS Elmira Narmatova told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, about 90 percent of minors are registered and undergo antiretroviral therapy (ART). «Children live, receive medical services at the proper level, do not get sick. Their quality of life in terms of health has improved. They practically do not die. Previously, there were a lot of facts of hospitalization, some children died. It is different now,» Elmira Narmatova said.

She noted that about 75 percent of children have reached juvenile period and they are disclosed their status. «There are already adults, 18-20 years old. There are couples who got married and have healthy children. We are doing a lot of work in this direction,» the doctor told.

More than 650 HIV-infected children are registered in Kyrgyzstan. As of May 1, 2018, at least 45 out of 381 children with parenteral transmission died, 27 left the country.