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Kyrgyzstan to launch production of medical masks

It is planned to launch production of medical masks in Kyrgyzstan. Deputy Health Minister Tolo Isakov told at a press conference.

«The Embassy of Iran said that equipment had already been sent. When it arrives, we will open production of the masks in the Kyrgyz Republic,» he said.

According to Tolo Isakov, there are no problems with masks in medical institutions of the country, although there is a shortage in pharmacies.

«We turned to international organizations, deliveries are expected next week. In addition, we are waiting for approval of the request to Rospotrebnadzor,» he said.

The deputy minister added that about 1.5 million medical masks were earlier detained on the border, which were tried to be taken out from the republic. «The issue of their confiscation is being decided. About 500,000 masks are expected to be handed over to medical facilities,» he said.

Tolo Isakov stressed that wearing of masks by healthy people is not a panacea from infection.

«This is ineffective. It is good when people with diseases put them on,» he said.