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Kyrgyzstan to destroy low-quality and counterfeit products

To ensure safety of citizens, low-quality and counterfeit food products will be destroyed in Kyrgyzstan. The Council for Business Development and Investments reported.

Government decision No. 93 was adopted on February 18, 2020. It approves provisions on seizure and removal of poor-quality and unsafe food products and their disposal.

«The issue has been raised repeatedly at the Council for Business Development and Investments by various business associations. Entrepreneurs indicated that low-quality products without certification and expired products at low prices are often brought into Kyrgyzstan from other countries. This poses a threat to the health and safety of citizens and creates unfair competition conditions for bona fide suppliers and domestic producers,» the Council stressed.

Previously, mechanisms and methods for seizure and destruction of such products were not clearly determined. The goods continued to be stored in warehouses by unscrupulous suppliers themselves and returned to them for disposal.

Due to the lack of proper control, products that threaten the life and health of citizens continued to be sold.

«The adopted resolution created a legal basis for low-quality and expired goods to be removed and disposed by state authorities according to transparent and understandable procedures. This will improve safety of customers and protect domestic producers from unfair competition by unscrupulous suppliers and importers,» the Council for Business Development and Investments said.