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Kyrgyzstan bans use of aircraft older than 25 years

Operation of civil aircraft, age of which is more than 25 years since the date of manufacture, is banned in Kyrgyzstan. The Information Support Department of the Government Office reported.

The decision was signed by the Prime Minister Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev. Age limits and the associated lifespans of aircraft included in the State Register were revised in the document. This was done to develop civil aviation and increase the availability of goods and services for the population of the country’s regions.

An age limit of 50 years is set for aircraft that are designed to carry out commercial freight traffic.

In addition, transportation of passengers by aircraft previously included in the state register, age of which is more than 40 years from the date of production, is prohibited. Aircraft that do not fly in the past two years due to lack of airworthiness will be excluded from the register.

«This decision will entail an increase in the country’s goods turnover carried out by Kyrgyz cargo aircraft, will contribute to the development of the aviation services market and create healthy competition for foreign airlines,» the Cabinet stressed.