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Sale of new medicine for coronavirus announced

Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co., one of China’s largest pharmaceutical companies, said it has obtained a permission from the authorities to start sale of antiviral drug Favipiravir, a potential medicine for coronavirus infection Covid-19. Reuters reports.

According to the media outlet, after the drug goes on sale, the company will have to continue clinical testing of the drug.

At least 70 people participated in the clinical testing of Favipiravir, the medicine has «relatively obvious effectiveness,» the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology said.

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, previously said that the development of a vaccine for the coronavirus infection Covid-19 would take about a year and a half.

According to the latest data, more than 1,775 people died from coronavirus infection; the number of cases increased to 71,331 people over the past day.