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IRI: 92% of Kyrgyzstanis consider corruption as biggest problem

The International Republican Institute (IRI) conducted a traditional survey among Kyrgyzstanis.

According to the initiators of the sociological research, the new nationwide opinion poll demonstrates concern about corruption and unemployment, as well as informs about the priorities of the local population before the upcoming municipal elections.

«Residents of Kyrgyzstan clearly state that the problems of corruption and unemployment are priority for them as well as the reaction of local authorities to problems, for example, such as the condition of roads and streets,» Bakhtier Nishanov, Deputy Director of IRI for Eurasia, says.

«Political leaders should develop platforms aimed at solving these acute problems for the population,» he said.

Unemployment (67 percent) and corruption (54 percent) top the list of problems that, according to respondents, the country is experiencing today.

At least 92 percent of the population consider corruption as «big» or «very big» problem for Kyrgyzstan. When evaluating the actions of the authorities on this issue, 72 percent of the respondents believe that the authorities are not making enough efforts to solve this problem.

In general, 52 percent of respondents believe that the country is developing in the right direction, while 36 percent believe that the country’s development direction is wrong — an increase of nine percentage points compared to the last survey, conducted by IRI in November 2018.

Poor condition of roads, lack of drinking and irrigation water, and unemployment were mentioned by respondents among the main problems of local importance.