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National Bank of Kyrgyzstan puts new banknote into circulation

The National Bank of Kyrgyzstan puts a new banknote with a face value of 5,000 soms into circulation starting May 10. The bank’s press service reported.

According to it, a portrait of the outstanding Kyrgyz actor and artist Suimenkul Chokmorov is preserved on the front side and the building of Ala-Too cinema — on the reverse side of the banknote. The main color and size of the banknote also remained unchanged.

The 5,000 soms banknote contains a three-level complex of modern security elements, providing reliable protection against counterfeiting.

The National Bank reminded that all banknotes of the national currency have the status of official means of payment in the country and are subject to mandatory acceptance as a means of payment regardless of their year of issue.

The main protective features of the banknote:

  • Watermark: multi-tone portrait and electrotype in the form of the denomination.
  • Security thread: a broken line, it becomes solid when exposed to light, contains denomination numbers and the logo of the National Bank in the form of a rhombus; the shimmering rhombus and the moving stripe become visible when the banknote is tilted.
  • Overlapping image: fragments of the image on the front and back sides of the banknote form a rhombus when exposed to light.
  • Relief of images in the area of ​​the portrait, inscriptions, digital and letter denomination of the banknote.
  • Hidden image: when the banknote is tilted, a multi-colored image of the Kyrgyz som symbol — C — appears.
  • Color-changing paint: when the banknote is tilted, three-dimensional rings become visible, the color of the ornament changes from golden to green.
  • Shiny stripe (on the reverse side): in the form of the denomination of the banknote and the logo of the National Bank.