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Not a single gram of gold is stolen: President comments on video with gold bars

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov commented on the scandalous video with gold bars in an interview with Kabar news agency.

Recall, a short video with four boxes filled with alleged gold bars was posted on social media. A voiceover reports to some Sabyr ava on the preparation of the cargo for shipment. Given that the head of state’s brother is named Sabyr Japarov, the president’s family was accused of illegal export of gold from the country.

Would people who steal gold and export it to other countries shoot such a video and then send it out on social media? No one can steal a gram of gold from the state mines today in our republic.

Sadyr Japarov

He told that video cameras have been installed at all gold mines and refinery plant, the records from which are watched online 24 hours a day by thousands of specialists. The recordings are also saved. Therefore, it is impossible to steal a single gram of gold.

The head of state said that his family members did not take anything abroad.

I do not know how long I will stay in office. Only God knows that. When the term of my presidency comes to an end, not only myself, but also members of my family will report on how much investment we have attracted to the country, what buildings we have built, how much money we have invested in what sectors, what benefits we have brought to the state and the people. Then you will know a lot of truth, but now I will not talk about it.

Sadyr Japarov

According to the President, his family and the team, with whom he works, bring only benefit to the republic.

Sadyr Japarov said that statistics showed the level of corruption in the country before he came to power.

«For example, until 2020, the net profit of Kyrgyzaltyn amounted to 340 million soms, in 2021 — 2.7 billion, in 2022 — 5.6 billion, and in 2023 — 12.6 billion soms. Such indicators are not only at Kyrgyzaltyn and Kumtor, but also in the Tax and Customs Services,» he said.