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Scheme at the Customs: Transnational criminal group detained in Kyrgyzstan

A transnational criminal group was detected that was involved in illegal completion of customs procedures for the import of tobacco products. The Ministry of Interior of Kyrgyzstan reported.

The ministry reportedly conducted pre-trial proceedings together with the Internal Security Department of the State Customs Service on the fact of abuse of official position. «The fact of unauthorized completion of the «customs transit» procedure of tobacco products with a total cost of $ 253,500 has been discovered. The goods were allegedly transported from Latvia to Afghanistan,» the statement says.

Earlier, a customs officer was detained within this case on January 9, 2020. And on January 30, four citizens of Russia and Kazakhstan were detained when handing over bribes of $ 65,000 through intermediaries to officials of the State Customs Service for unauthorized completion of the «customs export» procedure of tobacco products with a total cost of $ 200,200.

«Another member of the transnational group, a citizen of Belarus, was arrested on February 5 when handing over a bribe of $ 75,000 through intermediaries to the officials of the SCS. By a court decision, he was also taken into custody. The investigation of the case continues; measures are being taken to identify and detain the remaining members of the transnational criminal group who have established a stable channel for illegal completion of the «customs export» procedure,» the Interior Ministry said.