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New virus in China: Health Ministry of Kyrgyzstan opens hotline

A hotline has been opened in Kyrgyzstan in connection with spread of coronavirus. The Minister of Health Kosmosbek Cholponbaev told at a government meeting today.

According to him, 0312223202 hotline works at the epidemiological service department. By calling it, citizens can get advice about the disease and preventive measures.

In addition, the department said that there are 3.5 million masks, syringes and antibiotics in stock. The head of the Ministry of Health assured that doctors were ready for a possible outbreak of the coronavirus.

«At least 170 epidemiologists work at the Kyrgyz border. There are two national virology laboratories that have passed international accreditation. In addition, we have an agreement with the World Health Organization (WHO), under which samples can be sent to overseas laboratories. As of today, there is no coronavirus in the country, and, as preventive measures, we recommend to reduce the number of recreational activities and not to visit crowded places,» Kosmosbek Cholponbaev said.