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EAEU development plan until 2025 to be drawn up

Based on the proposals of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, the Eurasian Economic Commission will prepare a document determining strategic directions for development of Eurasian economic integration until 2025. It will have a form of a roadmap with description of specific activities and indication of their deadlines. The Information Support Department of the Government’s Office of Kyrgyzstan said.

According to it, the document should be considered before December 2019. The decision was made at the next meeting of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). In addition, the parties discussed the issue of standards for distribution of import customs duties between the budgets of the Union countries.

«An exchange of views took place on approaches to the development of trade and economic cooperation with the main partners of the EAEU for the medium term. The members of the Council agreed on the need to create a list of third parties, conclusion of free trade agreements with which is economically feasible, and holding of consultations with them. A number of documents were adopted for further development of the EAEU integration during the meeting,» the Cabinet stressed.