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Conflict with shooting occurs in Orok village

A conflict occurred in Orok village, Sokuluk district of Kyrgyzstan. Own sources informed 24.kg news agency.

It is known that a verbal skirmish that developed into a fight broke out yesterday after a wedding party between the locals. One of the men fired a weapon.

«According to preliminary data, there is one victim. The fact was registered by the Leninsky District Department of Internal Affairs,» the sources said.

The Main Internal Affairs Department of Chui region did not confirm, but did not refute the fact of the shooting.

This is not the first conflict in Orok. A scuffle occurred between three guys after a festive Ait prayer on June 5. After it, two groups of local residents gathered and broke windows of 15 houses and set a barn on fire. At least 32 people were detained.