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Conflict in Orok. Two teenagers get head injuries

Two teenagers from Orok village were taken to the Bishkek City Children’s Emergency Hospital with closed closed craniocerebral injury after a scuffle on June 5. Press center of the Ministry of Health reported.

«One of the teenagers, born in 2003, was hospitalized with closed craniocerebral injury and is in the Neurosurgery Department now. The second, also born in 2003, with closed craniocerebral injury, brain contusion will be transferred from the intensive care unit to the general ward today. The condition of both is stable. They receive all the necessary treatment and are under medical supervision,» the Ministry of Health reported.

The scuffle between three guys occurred yesterday on June 5 after the festive Ait namaz. After that, two groups of local residents gathered, broke windows of 15 houses and burned down a shed. 32 people were arrested, 31 of them were released, one citizen is kept in the temporary detention center of Sokuluk district.