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EEU countries have to protect market from import of unsafe products

Countries of the Eurasian Economic Union need to take additional measures to protect the EEU market from inappropriate and unsafe products imported from third countries. This recommendation was made by the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

One of the key tasks of EEC is to create an effective system for protecting the Union’s internal market from unsafe products. This should be facilitated by a constant and constructive dialogue between the heads of state control bodies over compliance with the requirements of EEU technical regulations and customs authorities. The recommendation of EEC Board determines an algorithm for their interaction.

«National state control bodies, upon detection of such products in their country, must inform the customs authorities by providing them with a number of data, including a name of unsafe product, date of its detection, name of company or name of an entrepreneur who sold the product, shipping documents data, country of manufacture, manufacturer. The customs authorities provide similar information to the state control bodies if they have reason to believe that any products are imported from third countries in violation of the Union’s technical regulations,» the EEC stressed.

Upon receiving the information, the state control and customs authorities will apply measures in accordance with national legislation and the law of EEU.

For example, within five working days, they will conduct a preliminary investigation regarding such products and notify the customs body that sent the information about its results.

EEC notes that its recommendations will allow exchanging information between government agencies, to detect inappropriate and unsafe products coming from third countries on the border, to prevent its release into circulation, and also to accelerate detection of goods that do not meet the requirements of EEU technical regulations.

«In the future, after signing an interstate agreement on the harmonization of state control, such interaction is planned to be introduced on a mandatory basis, taking into account the application of the recommendation,» the Commission summed up.