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Japan ready to reconstruct bridge on strategically important road

Government of Japan is ready to provide Kyrgyzstan with grant assistance in the amount of 302 million Japanese yens (about $ 2.8 million) as a part of the Human Resources Development Scholarship Program (JDS) for 2019 fiscal year, as well as 1,785 billion Japanese yens ($ 16.5 million) for the implementation of a project on reconstruction of the bridge over Urmaral river on Talas — Taraz road.

The bridge over Urmaral river is located on the 82nd kilometer of Talas — Taraz road. Reconstruction is carried out to ensure unhindered and safe transport communication. This road is an international transport corridor and is of strategic importance for the Kyrgyz Republic.

The bridge will consist of three spans and two lanes. The length is about 90 meters. The project also provides for the rehabilitation of access roads to the bridge. In general, about 1.2 kilometers of the route (including the bridge) will be rehabilitated. The project will protect the banks of the river, install road safety elements, including sidewalks, road marking and artificial lighting.

The JDS program has been implemented in Kyrgyzstan since 2006.

At least 19 participants from among the young state and municipal servants of the republic will go to Japan for study.

During the implementation of the program, 191 scholars have been sent to study, 176 of them have already returned to the Kyrgyz Republic, having successfully defended their theses.