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Human rights activists ask Supreme Court to drop charges against Aida Salyanova

Human rights defenders and lawyers appealed to the Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan with a petition to drop all charges against the ex-Minister of Justice Aida Salyanova within the first criminal case — on renewal of lawyer’s license to Aleksey Eliseev. Her sister Chinara Turdalieva told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, the Supreme Court accepted the appeal. The court hearing is scheduled for today, June 20.

The applicant party draws attention to the fact that under the new Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes the article under which Aida Salyanov was accused — «Abuse of official position» of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic — was decriminalized.

In addition, lawyers point out that there is no crime in the actions of Aida Salyanova.

According to the verdict of the courts, Aida Salyanova was found guilty of abuse of official position. According to the prosecution, being the Minister of Justice, she illegally renewed the lawyer’s license to Aleksey Eliseev in 2010. Aida Salyanova was sentenced to five years in prison with postponement of the execution of the court decision for 12 years, when her youngest daughter will turn 14 years old.

Moreover, another criminal case was initiated against Aida Salyanova within the framework of the investigation into unlawful release of Aziz Batukaev. She was placed in detention center 1. On June 15, following the recommendation of doctors, she was hospitalized to the National Cardiology Center.