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Supreme Court to review criminal case against Aida Salyanova

The Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan will review the criminal case against the ex-Prosecutor General Aida Salyanova on extension of the lawyer’s license to Alexey Eliseev under new circumstances.

As lawyer Rabiga Sadykova told 24.kg news agency, according to the new edition of the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, the charge brought against Aida Salyanova under the article abuse of official position was decriminalized. That is, it refers to misconduct, not crime, and should be punished by a fine, not by a prison term.

«If the court accepts the arguments of the defense, then the charge against Salyanova will be dropped and the case — dismissed due to the lack of corpus delicti,» explained Rabiga Sadykova.

Review of the case at the Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic is scheduled for tomorrow, September 5.

According to the verdict of the courts, Aida Salyanova was found guilty of abuse of power. According to the prosecution, being the Minister of Justice in 2010, she illegally renewed lawyer’s license of Alexey Eliseev. Aida Salyanova was sentenced to five years in prison with deferral of execution of the court decision for 12 years until her youngest daughter turns 14 years old.

Moreover, another criminal case was opened against Aida Salyanova as a part of investigation into illegal release of Aziz Batukaev.