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Environmental safety is important in exploration of new uranium objects

«It is extremely important for exploration of new uranium objects in the region to be carried out only under the condition of maximum observance of environmental and technical safety,» Special Representative of the European Union for Central Asia, Peter Burian, stated to 24.kg news agency.

According to him, at the last donor conference on reclamation of uranium facilities in Central Asia in November 2018, the EU has allocated additional €10 million. These funds supplement €16 million provided by the European Union earlier.

«Start of the first reclamation works is expected at the end of 2019 in case of prompt coordination of all issues with the Kyrgyz side. At the same time, the total cost of work on seven selected sites in the region is estimated at €85 million, € 50 million of which have not yet been found. Therefore, it is extremely important to continue working with potential donors, including Central Asian countries, to explain all environmental and safety risks in order to raise the missing funds,» said Peter Burian.

«We have discussed these issues at a meeting at the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Kyrgyz Republic on April 24. We appreciate that Kyrgyzstan plays a leading role in this issue, and urge the rest of the states in the region to intensify their efforts. The EU is committed to continue working in this direction to mobilize all resources so that the uranium heritage problem is resolved without delay. We are well aware that the results of the passivity and a possible environmental catastrophe will be much greater financial losses, not to mention the impact on the health of the inhabitants of the region and the food security of the Fergana Valley,» he stressed.