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Bishkek mayor repeatedly announces need to increase public transport

«Municipal transport should be, if not profitable, then at least self-sustaining,» the mayor of the capital Aziz Surakmatov said at a regular session of the Bishkek City Council.

Today, most of the passenger transportation is carried out by private carriers. More than 2,000 minibuses run in the city.

«Every day, up to 100 large-capacity buses, 130 trolleybuses serve the routes. Passenger transportation by buses and trolleybuses is about 13 percent. But at the same time, private firms earn money, and municipal enterprises are unprofitable. I consider this state of affairs as categorically unacceptable,» said the mayor.

In his opinion, to reach self-sufficiency, the city should have about 700-800 buses.

«A tender has been announced for the purchase of 50 buses at the expense of budget funds. Negotiations are underway with the EBRD for the supply of 350 gas-powered buses (credit — 65 percent, grant — 35 percent). We plan to deliver 40 more buses in 2019 through a public-private partnership,» Aziz Surakmatov said.