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Kyrgyzstan to counter poachers using drone aircrafts

The State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry of Kyrgyzstan will counter poachers with the help of remotely piloted aircrafts (drones). The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has handed over four multifunctional unmanned aerial vehicles to the state agency, the press service of SAEPF reported.

The agency noted that the aircrafts were planned to be used to monitor forests, assess their condition, determine the area of ​​plots, to get real photos and video materials of plots, to extinguish forest fires, fight pests and insects, record the wildlife and combat poachers.

With the help of drones, one can create terrain orthophotoplans, three-dimensional relief models to use them in forest management works.

«The use of the unmanned aerial vehicles will make it possible to obtain relevant data in a short time and to take images in the infrared range for the study of forest plantations. Thanks to a multispectral camera it is possible to determine the species composition of the plants and other taxation parameters,» the agency noted.

The unmanned aerial vehicles will allow the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Protected Areas to improve the detectability of poaching and carry out aerial surveys in hard-to-reach areas during operational raids.