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Schools in Kyrgyzstan 1.5 times overcrowded

Schools in Kyrgyzstan are 1.5 times overcrowded. The Ministry of Education and Science reported.

There are 2,262 schools in the country which teach 1,223 million children, while the design capacity of the educational institutions is 774,120 schoolchildren.

«Schoolchildren of 446 educational institutions of the republic are taught in one shift, two-shift educational process is organized at 1,657 schools, and the so-called flexible schedule is at 159 elementary schools because of the overload,» the Ministry of Education and Science noted.

The ministry stated that the number of schoolchildren in the country was increasing from year to year.

«Their number increased by 4 percent in comparison with 2017 only, and compared to 2012 — by 18 percent. The increase amounted to 25 percent in the cities, in the countryside — by 14 percent. The problem is mostly observed фе schools in Bishkek and Chui region. It arose because of migration,» the ministry informed.