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Wool processing workshop opened in Sary-Kamysh village

A wool processing workshop with a processing capacity of up to 25,000 kilograms of raw materials a year was launched in the high-altitude Sary-Kamysh village of Jalal-Abad region. The press service of the UN World Food Program in Kyrgyzstan reported.

The workshop for mechanical processing and combing of the wool was opened with the support of the Government of Japan. Experienced technologists teach villagers how to process wool and prepare raw materials for the production of various goods. For the first couple of days, the villagers have washed, combed and prepared 25 kilograms of wool. Previously, it took more than two months.

The production in the mini workshop will be practically non-waste, since previously unused hair from the combed and washed wool can be used for the warming of the walls of houses and farm buildings.

Wool is the main raw material for the residents of Sary-Kamysh, a remote village, which is literally cut off from the outside world in winter. Almost all 1,200 families living here are engaged in livestock breeding and sheep breeding. The processing of the wool until August 2018 was carried out by a labor-intensive manual method, requiring considerable time for washing, combing and drying. The process was so difficult that a significant part of the wool was not used, although villagers need felt every year for new yurts, mattresses and shyrdaks," the report says.