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Kyrgyzstan in OGP: Government should directly communicate with citizens

The government should directly communicate with the citizens. The director of the Open Government Partnership initiative Sanjay Pradhan said at the opening of the summit.

According to him, the OGP is a way to build the rights of citizens and introduce them into the government. «Their voice is getting quieter in some countries. The participation of citizens in the formation of the budget in Mongolia and Brazil has led to a reduction in expenditures. Let’s use new tools! Internet advertising can be used to combat fake news. We need to strengthen the openness and transparency in education, health and water supply. The government should directly communicate with the citizens,» Sanjay Pradhan said.

For example, using a mobile application, people can upload photos and information to the ministries database and become supervisors.

«These tools can be used not only by the majority, but also by a minority whose voices were not listened to before. This will help the migrants, women, who have suffered from domestic violence. This will ensure honest management, without corruption,» Sanjay Pradhan said.

He added that only in Chile and Ireland citizens had the opportunity to monitor the actions of the lobbyists. Open Government Partnership should use these examples.

Kyrgyzstan became the first country in Central Asia that joined the Open Government Partnership. The Open Government Partnership is an international platform that unites 74 states and 15 regional governments.

OGP is a unique multilateral initiative aimed at ensuring concrete commitments by governments to increase transparency, expand civic engagement, combat corruption and use new technologies to make governments more open, effective and accountable to citizens.