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Kyrgyzstan has worst in EEU indicators in world's largest economies ranking

Kyrgyzstan took the 145th place out of 200 in the World Bank’s GDP ranking of the world’s economies. The official website of the World Bank says.

It is noted that by the end of 2017, the country’s GDP was $ 7,565 billion. As for the country’s neighbors, the situation is worse only in Tajikistan, which took the 147th place with GDP of $ 7,146 billion.

Somalia (the 146th place and $ 7,369 billion GDP) and the Republic of Niger (the 144th place with the GDP of $ 8,120 billion) go with Kyrgyzstan.

Russia occupies the best position among the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union: the 11th place and its GDP by the end of the year amounted to $ 1,577,524 trillion. Kazakhstan took the 55th place ($155,407 billion), Belarus — the 79th place ($ 54,442 billion). Armenia takes the 133rd place in the ranking with GDP of $ 11,537 billion.

Uzbekistan, as one of the nearest neighbors of Kyrgyzstan, takes the 85th place (GDP more than $ 48.7 billion), and Turkmenistan — the 88th place (GDP over $ 42,355 billion).

The largest economies of the world are the USA ($ 19.39 trillion), China ($ 12.2 trillion) and Japan ($ 4.8 trillion).