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Parliament of Kyrgyzstan to hold government day on nutrition once a year

The deputies of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan promised to hold a government day on nutrition issues once a year. Assistant to UN Secretary-General Gerda Verburg told reporters.

According to her, representatives of the Parliament made this proposal. Such meetings will be necessarily attended by the government members in order the problems to be resolved on the spot. In addition, the deputies have specific ideas and proposals for improving the quality of nutrition of the population.

«The deputies have promised that they would take measures to increase the awareness of the population in the regions about the danger of poor-quality nutrition. A campaign on proper nutrition will be conducted with the help of the media,» Gerda Verburg stressed.

Gerda Verburg is an Assistant to the UN Secretary — General, Coordinator of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement (SUN). Kyrgyzstan has been a member of the movement since 2011.

Gerda Verburg met the day before with representatives of the Kyrgyz government, the Parliament and civil society to discuss improving the quality of food issue.