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Blind, visually impaired children to get opportunity to study in Kyrgyz

Blind and visually impaired children have the opportunity to get education in the state language. The President of the Public Foundation Phenomenon Iskender Sultanaliev told at a press conference.

According to him, the programs were specially designed to facilitate access to education for blind and visually impaired children in the native Kyrgyz language.

«Three software products will be presented to the general public: the new male synthesizer of the Kyrgyz speech Azamat and the Kyrgyz versions of JAWS and NVDA programs of speech access to the screen for the blind. The new speech synthesizer, developed in the framework of the project, will allow the blind children to read electronic textbooks, fiction, Internet websites, useful web resources in the state language,» Iskender Sultanaliev added.

He noted that these products could be easily installed on the tablets and smartphones.

Children can use the Kyrgyz speech synthesizer free of charge.