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Scandal with reanimobiles. Health Ministry fails to agree with supplier

The Commission of the Ministry of Health fails to agree with the company-supplier of 15 ambulances.

As the head of the department of the Ministry of Health Samat Toymatov told 24.kg news agency, the negotiations are held daily, but they have been unsuccessful so far.

«Recently, we invited representatives of all sides and once again voiced the shortcomings of the transport. The supplier recognizes the existence of imperfections and promises to eliminate them. Defects in 8 vehicles can be eliminated in the service centers of Bishkek. The remaining seven vehicles do not meet the technical specifications, this was indicated by the international experts, who came to the Kyrgyz Republic. These cars must be returned to the supplier, as the safety of patients is not ensured,» he said.

«The supplier proposes to compensate us €91,000 for defects in the vehicles. But we can not accept such transport. We need cars that were promised under the contract. We fail to agree with the supplier, he drags out the process. We are ready to accept cars in case of elimination of shortcomings, but we can not wait any longer. The commission raises the issue of turning to court,» said Samat Toymatov.

Previously, the Ministry of Health claimed that only two out of 15 reanimobiles delivered to the Kyrgyz Republic by Dutch Health BV, which did not require major refurnishment, are ready for transfer. The vehicles are still at the car pool since November 2017.