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Migrants begin to build first Kyrgyz village in Russia

The first Kyrgyz village — Ala-Too-1 appeared in Russia. The deputy head of Ala-Too-1 Company Gulmira Kazybekova informed 24.kg news agency.

The village is located 120 kilometers from Moscow, not far from Pakhomovo station.

«The land belongs to Tula Oblast, but it is located closer to Moscow, just an hour’s drive from the capital. All 300 land plots in Ala-Too-1 have been sold, about 40 people have already settled. There is electricity, but the gas will be supplied after we have built a half of the village. There are factories and plants nearby. So our compatriots can get a job and send their children to a kindergarten. A land plot can also be purchased with the Kyrgyz passport,» Gulmira Kazybekova said.

According to her, 5 hectares of land were bought out to create the Kyrgyz village.

«Almost 80 percent of migrants in Russia have already obtained Russian citizenship. Therefore, we wanted to have one our village. I heard that land plots are sold also in Ryazan Oblast, too, for the Kyrgyzstanis. But we are probably the first in the Russian Federation,» she said.